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Slobberfest goes Virtual

Droopy is a 501c rescue.

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#1- "House Broken" Sculpture

8 Fred Basset comic books

years 2000-2007

*note the 2005 edition was 'slightly nibbled' on- by a basset of course.

We're pretty sure that makes this collection even more special!

Clanimalzoo limited edition sculpture. #24/50

Measures about 7" wide and 3" high.

These are created by Judy and are coveted collectibles.

Four adorable hounds are showing off their 'house breaking' skills!

#2- Fred Basset book collection



Thank you for your support!

Postage will be paid by us within the USA. If you are anywhere else- please ask if we can make arrangements should you win.

#3- Pampered Chef and more...

This includes a Pampered Chef ice cream cake pan. A jar opener ( these are PC best sellers!)

A rolling cookie cutter with an extra accessory set. A super fun McCartney apron.

There are three flexible cutting/prep mats. A couple of re-useable sponge cloths. And a small Norwex sink mat. You'll have fun in your own kitchen during this stay at home time!

#4- Silver Basset ring and earrings

These Basset rings were custom made years ago. The ring is closed- the nose 'touches' the tail. The inside diameter measures about 18mm. It is silver. I apologize for the lousy picture! ( the donor believes the ring to be a size 7 or 8)

The earrings are adorable little basset head posts. I have been told they are a metal alloy. Do NOT use jewelry cleaner or silver polish on them! You can put them in your ears right side up- but my pc is refusing to show the picture to you that way...

#5 Buffalo Bills

signed Football

NFL official- autographed by Tre'Davious football.

Certificate of authenticity is included.

#6 Spruce up the house

A beautiful 18" wreath to showcase your front door. The "every woof counts' slate (11"x8") can be hung on a wall inside or out. And the 28"x40" patriotic hound flag will happily announce your love for the breed. ( pole not included)

The Basset X-ing sign (10") is easily screwed to a wall or hung from a hook.

#7 Party time

You will be ready to entertain at a moments notice with this package.

A Pampered Chef round covered baker will be useful to serve hot or cold dishes. The metal napkin holder will add some style to your table. And the  coasters will protect that stylish table!

The Pioneer woman kitchen timer will help keep you on track. There are two balloons and a candle holder for celebrating. Also a cute little sign and a magnet to keep you grounded.



#8 Christmas in July



You'll be ready for Christmas with this package.

An adorable Basset flag- pole not included- will announce the season to all. 28"x40"

A 10 pack of really cute greetings cards.

The Nut-basset-cracker ornament and the

festive jingle collar will spruce up your home and hound. A cute pair of dangly basset earrings for yourself. The embroidered towel adds a nice touch.

The 18" wreath is not christmas themed- but it's beautiful colors will cover several howlidays.

The reuseable shopping bag will make fetching those last minute items much more fun.


Virtual Slobberfest info-click here





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#9- for the Hounds


This started off as a Bark Box- but we've added lots of toys and treats to make this really fun! Toss it, fill it, squeak it and chew it- we've got you covered!

#10 Fred Basset Books collection 2

IMG_0582 IMG_0581 IMG_0584

This lot includes the hardcover book- The Fred Files

and the comic books for the years 1999, 1997 and 1994

#11- Bassets in the Wild

IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0611

In this limited edition 26/50 Clanimalzoo Sculpture we see how Judy has captured our beloved bassets in their natural habitat. Bassets in the Wild will amuse you every time you look at them. About 7" wide and 5" high.

As always- we thank those who donated some of these items so that we can use them to raise the funds to care for the bassets in our care.

And we thank those of you that take part in our fundraisers for your support.

We could not do this without

ALL of you!




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